About us

SK-Engineering —

is a dynamically developing company presenting its solutions in the field of hydrogen energy.

We are actively engaged in research work together with ANO «Hydrogen Technological Solutions» and implement new developments in practice.

Our history

We offer a wide range of solutions in the field of energy
and hydrogen technologies.

  • Electrolysis plants;
  • Hydrogen-containing gas treatment systems for gas turbine and combined-cycle power plants;
  • Hydrogen-containing gas treatment systems for boiler units;
  • Exhaust steam condensation systems;
  • Autonomous installations of heat and power supply to remote consumers;
  • Systems for monitoring and accounting of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere for power plants and boiler houses.

Our experience includes the implementation of projects in the following areas:

  • Industrial and technological engineering;

  • Energy efficiency;

  • Project logistics;

  • Installation and dismantling of equipment.



  • Own certified staff of qualified specialists;

  • Partner portfolio with leading equipment manufacturers;

  • Scientific base, connection with science, development of prototypes.