Electrolyzer SK101-10

The electrolysis plant is designed to produce hydrogen by inorganic membrane electrolysis. The main element of the installation is an innovative electrolyzer with a solid polymer electrolyte. The electrolyzer has a fully electronic control. A high degree of automation ensures the safe operation of the device, and also allows monitoring of the main characteristics of the installation.

The electrolysis plant complies with the Technical requirements and the FNiP in the field of industrial safety "General explosion safety rules for explosive chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries" (Order of Approval No. 533 of 12/15/2020).

The electrolysis plant has a Certificate of compliance with the State Standard of Russia.

Key indicators

Hydrogen production:

  • permissible nominal output - 0-10 m3/h
  • pressure 3.5 MPa
  • standard purity level - 99.9 %
  • purity level - 99.9998 %
  • autonomous closed-loop air cooling system.

The set of the electrolysis plant supplied by the manufacturer includes:

  • generator for gas production with pressure up to 3.5 MPa;
  • 3.5 MPa compressor;
  • means of automatic fire extinguishing, fire alarm and fire alarm, burglar alarm and ACS power supply;
  • unit for the preparation of deionized water;
  • control and measuring devices, local system of automatic regulation, control, protection, monitoring and diagnostics;
  • a set of repair tools and accessories; pipelines within the electrolysis plant with electrified and manual fittings;
  • 0.4 kW switchgears and cable products to end users;
  • engineering systems of the container necessary for normal and safe operation in these climatic conditions, a warning system and sockets in the container, technical documentation, including a technical passport.

Our servises

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  • reference and consulting support
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After-sales service

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  • professional maintenance
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Technical characteristics