march 2022

On March 3, 2022, a round table was held - "Reducing the carbon footprint in the production of electricity and heat».

Ways of decarbonization in the energy sector", organized by the All-Russian Thermal Engineering Research Institute (JSC «VTI»). The report «Ways to reduce the carbon footprint in the thermal power industry» was made by Professor of MEI, Doctor of Technical Sciences. Roslyakov P.V. Experts and specialists of the ANO «Center for Research and Scientific Developments in the Field of Energy «Hydrogen Technological Solutions» took part in the preparation of materials for the report.

The following issues were considered and discussed at the Round Table:

  • general provisions and modern approaches implementing the Scenario of sustainable development;
  • increasing efficiency in the traditional steam power cycle;
  • the role of PSU and energy storage and combined generation in the growth of RES;
  • capture, disposal and use of CO2;
  • production of hydrogen with a minimum carbon footprint; - use of biomass and waste;
  • developments of JSC «VTI».

The event was attended by representatives of energy companies, equipment manufacturers, business and the scientific community.

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